AiLi Rox Welcome to Our Blogging Adventure

Yes, we laugh a lot at AiLi Live and we’re hoping to have a few laughs at AiLi Rox too!  Just getting started with this Blogging Adventure – Finally!

This must have been one of those nights, when sunglasses are appropriate indoors and at night.  What kind of night is that, you may ask?  Celebratory? Yes, that ‘s a good way to say it.   AiLi Live was a weekly series for a decade, but now we are once a month, EVERY 3rd Thursday at the Haley House Bakery Cafe.

Mwalim of the GROOVALOTTOS Supports Free Styling Rapper

Open Mic at AiLi Live in the ‘Bury~ Roxbury!

So the first post, was April 8, 2017 but this blog has been at least a decade in the making.  I am hoping to share a lot of photos, videos, audios, articles, comments and more with you over time.

If you like what we are doing, please feel free to tell us and if you are not sure, follow along anyway and give some feedback, be gentle, we’re new here.  But we take all comments seriously, seriously, we do…