Greetings Earthlings! 😆

For years I have created thousands of hours of video and audio, most of it for broadcast television and radio, some for private clients and very little for me, the Artist.  I have worked as a producer, a host, a master of ceremonies or MC, a teacher, a lecturer and a few more things.

My artistic path led me to creating performance series in Boston , especially the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.  Roxbury is the heart of Boston and Roxbury is in my heart.  I am blogging so that I can share with you all, some of my adventures, the people I meet, their stories and all of within the themes of Food, Art, Culture and Spirituality.

Boston is an international city with thousands of students arriving every year to share their lives while getting a great education at some of the finest institutions of higher learning.

In my posts, I hope to share stories, events, ideas, themes and so much more around the themes of Food, Art, Culture & Spirituality.  I have a monthly live performance series called, “Art Is Life Itself!” or AiLi Live.  AiLi Live started as a weekly Thursday night series for a decade.  In 2016, a decision was made to make it once a month, on 3rdThursdays of the month.  That was a relief! 😄

About 4 or 5 years ago, I started a community radio show called AiLi Radio, it airs on Sunday nights from 7-8pm on WRBB 104.9FM and streams live on the interwebs at, you can also download FREE APPS TuneIn or Simple Radio to your phone or tablet and take us with you!

I have a treasure trove of thousands of photos that I also expect to share AiLi Photo or Nina Photo and of course there is always more.

I welcome you to comment, follow and share anything we do and looking forward to meeting some of you virtually, at events or over the phone. We’ve got some great weather in Roxbury today.  I think I’ll go out and enjoy it.  You should too 😉