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Welcome to my first blog post, I’m Nina LaNegra and although a veteran TV & Radio Host & Producer, I’m new here. Many Thanks to the Love, Help & Encouragement of EN-ER-GY 7 2016.


AiLiWEB is now LIVE!

I’d like to share a radio interview I did, a while back with my friends at HOPE, Inc.  They are a group of talented young folks who went to college together, graduated, went on to create families and lives and remained friends through it all.   About a year ago they came together and recreated something they did in college, but this time, it was for their Community.  Common-Unity, Folks we need more of THIS!

A combination Open Mic, Chop Bar and so much more was dreamed up and has taken on a life of it’s own on the First Wednesdays of the month, from 8-10pm at the Dudley Cafe in Dudley Square, a central location in Roxbury, the heart of Boston, Massachusetts.

HOPE at WRBB AiLi Radio

HOPE, Inc won Best Open Mic in Boston this year and they make me very proud to know them. ❤


Listen 🎧, Watch 👀 and Enjoy 😆

AiLi Radio’s NEW time is 7-8pm on Sundays on WRBB 104.9FM http://www.wrbbradio.org/listen-live

Peace Out Nina